Board of Directors

Daryl Chappell

Executive Chairperson

The Executive Chairperson promotes the general welfare of this Society, perform all duties customarily pertaining to the office, presides at meetings of this Society, its Board of Directors, and otherwise shall serve, the Board of Directors, the exigencies of the office and the provisions in the Bylaws.

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Ron Housch


The Executive Vice-Chairperson shall succeed the Executive Chairperson in the event the Executive Chairperson shall become unable to perform his or her duties, and shall otherwise perform the duties delegated by the Executive Chairperson, Board of Directors or the Bylaws.

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John Baltz


The Secretary/ Treasurer shall perform the duties inherent in the office, and such other duties as may be delegated by the Executive Chairperson, Board of Directors or the Bylaws. The Secretary/ Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping the official minutes of the Board of Directors, and Special Meetings. Supervise the Society budget, financial statements, and the inventory of the Society’s property. Produce and submit all relevant city, county, state and federal IRS filings. Provide regular financial statements to the Board of Directors, serve as chairperson of the Finance, and Nominating/Elections Committees (as convened).

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Bob Coleman

Facility Management

The Facility Chairperson shall manage the activities and up keep of any facility rented or owned by the Society. The chair shall over see a committee that will handle all maintenance and utility issues, involving facilities. It shall also be the responsibility of the chair to manage facility bookings and requests for facility usage.

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Ken Johnson

Membership Chairperson

The Membership Chairperson shall oversee the operations of recruitment and membership records, and ways to enhance the value of Society membership to old and new members.

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Brad Maxwell

Publications Chairperson

The Publications Chairperson supervises adherence to established editorial policies of the Society’s Bulletin/pamphlets and recommend changes in these policies or in the journal’s format or content as may best serve the needs of the Society.

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Cynthia Cooper

Chairperson for Continuing Education

The Continuing Education Chairperson manages the quality of educational services provided to Society members by the Society, supervising the classes and educational activities of the Society and community.

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Cleeo Wright

Chairperson forĀ Events & Tours

The Events & Tours Chairperson manages the promotion and planning of events or photographic tours in and around Northwest Arkansas for the benefit of the society membership. Supervises the work of designated event committees, and shall recommend the creation or dissolution of event committees as the Society’s needs may warrant facilitating various events and tours.

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Janie Blanchard

Competitions Chairperson

The Competition Chairperson manages photographic competitions, including but not limited to the scheduling of competitions, rules governing competitions, rewards and display.

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Position open

Exhibits Chairperson

The Exhibits Chairperson manages member exhibits at the PSNWA facility and around Northwest Arkansas.


Chuck Davis

Development Chairperson

The Development Chairperson manages all fund raising, and solicitations of any unearned finances or assets donated to the society. Any request for solicitation or donation must first be received and approved by the development chair. All donations of assets must be received by the development chair.

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Melissa Jones

Publicity Chairperson

The Public Relations Chairperson provides recommendations and manages the Society’s public image and visibility via various print and electronic medias.

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Wendy Dunn


The Parliamentarian Chairperson is familiar with Roberts rules of order as well as the bylaws of this society, and incorporation of this society. The parliamentarian will be the final source of disputed procedure.

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A Non-Profit Organization, promoting the Art and Science, of photography,
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