Bluff Dwellers Cavern Photo Tour

Bluff Dwellers Cave

Bluff Dwellers Cavern Photo Tour

  • January 21, 2017
    10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Join us for a special photographers tour of Bluff Dwellers Cavern in nearby Noel, Missouri!

Normal cave tours move to quickly and don’t allow tripods to take the long exposures necessary for the low light environment, but this is a special photographers tour arranged by PSNWA. During this extended tour photographers will be allowed to use tri-pods and given the space necessary to capture the magic of the cave and it’s formations. The cavern has a flat walking trail and will not require any crawling or climbing.

Note: Children are discouraged as they often become impatient with the frequent stops and slow pace of the extended length tour meant to increase your photographic opportunities.

History of Bluff Dwellers Cavern

In 1925, under a limestone outcrop, Bluff Dwellers Cavern was discovered by Arthur Browning, owner of the property, and two surveyors working for the highway department. Excavation began from an unearthed small head sized opening. It soon became apparent that there was a network of subterranean corridors channeling the layers of rock like a subway system. Two natural openings were found that had been hidden by hillside talus and slabs of rock weathered from the bluff face over several thousand years.



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