Print Competition – LONG EXPOSURE

by John Baltz

Print Competition – LONG EXPOSURE

  • November 3, 2015 - February 1, 2016
    6:00 pm

“Long Exposure” Good things come to those who wait. While there is no real definition to “Long Exposure” you all know what that refers to, shots that usually require the use of a Tripod. Long exposure photography is taking photographs by using longer exposure times than needed to obtain a correctly exposed photograph, either during daylight with the use of filters or else during the night with or without the use of filters, with the deliberate intent to create an effect on any moving object that is typical for long exposure photographs. Effects like blurred skies with streaks of clouds, smoothed out water like if it was frozen, blurred ghostlike people, star trails, moon trails and light trails, using an exposure time that is deliberately prolonged to achieve this effect.

DEADLINE: Deadline to enter is Feb 2, 2016 (General Meeting.)


This print competition is open to members of the PSNWA. Submitted images should be deemed acceptable for public display for all ages. Photographs will be judged on Impact, Subject Matter / Creativity, Composition, Technical Quality, and Print Presentation. Black and White and Color photographs will be accepted.

Up to 3 prints can be submitted in either an 8 x 10 or 8 x 12 format with optional borders no more than maximum of quarter inch, at Bedford Camera & Video; by mail to PSNWA, PO Box 8837, Fayetteville AR 72703; or in person at PSNWA general meetings till the deadline. Prints must include Name, email, phone, and competition theme on the back lower right hand corner of each print. Photos with incomplete information will be disqualified.

Photographs will not be returned. PSNWA nor Bedford’s Camera and Video will be responsible for damaged or misplaced photographs. Images may be displayed at participating Business sponsors around Northwest Arkansas post competition. There is a gallery limit of two winning images per member that will be displayed. The top two scored images will be used to determine the images displayed if a member has multiple images ranked in the gallery range.

All panel decisions are final. For more information e-mail

Sponsored by:
Bedford Camera & Video

A Nonprofit Organization promoting the Art and Science of photography,
throughout Northwest Arkansas.