PSNWA General Meeting – Apr 2016

Dave Muller Iceland

PSNWA General Meeting – Apr 2016

  • April 5, 2016
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Join us for a presentation of the photographic work by Dave Muller. His images of Iceland captivate viewers. Hear first hand about his travels and photography.

Dave’s father took a sabbatical from his teaching position at Syracuse University during the academic year 1968-69, during which time he worked with geologic colleagues in Iceland. Dave was thirteen at the time and attended an Icelandic school, played basketball for a local club team, and became fluent in Icelandic by the end of that year. Dave has very good friends in Iceland from both his years in residence, and from regular visits over the past several years.

Dave will present work from his Iceland visits in May 2012, February 2014, and August 2014 with members of the Tulsa Digital Photography group (PHOTOG).



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