Be part of the continuing Exhibit at Hobbs State Park Visitor Center

Photographic Society Of Northwest Arkansas

Be part of the continuing Exhibit at Hobbs State Park Visitor Center

Submit your photographs for the Spring/Summer Gallery at Hobbs State Park Visitor Center.

  • Gallery will be on display April thru September 2017
  • Photographs of the Hobbs State Park area are primarily desired. Images of the Ozarks, other Arkansas State Parks or throughout Arkansas are acceptable and will be prioritized in that order.
  • Photographs must display Spring or Summer scenes.
  • Suitable photographs previously submitted should be re-submitted.
  • Gallery images will be selected by Hobbs State Park management and staff personnel.
  • A formal gallery reception will be held at a date to be determined.

Guidelines for submitting a photo for consideration:

  • Photographs may be submitted February 1 thru March 10. Link for submission will be released late January.
  • Up to three (3) images may be submitted by each artist.
  • When submitted, images must be in JPG format at a resolution of 300dpi and 14 inches minimum on the long edge. (i.e. an 11 x 14 at 300dpi will be 3300 x 4200)
  • All photos must include photograph title, artists name, location where picture was taken. Recommend you use naming standard: yourname1.jpg, yourname2.jpg, etc.
  • Watermarks will not be included on the final displayed images.
  • Printing of selected images is the responsibility of the owning artist and will be on glossy or metallic paper.
  • All prints will be 11 x 14 inches.
  • All prints should be considered “for sale” while on display. Photographers will be contacted about potential purchases thru PSNWA email,

Questions? Contact Ron Housch at


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