2017 January Online Competition


A pair of drummers during the civil war re-enactment at Prairie Grove in December

Author : Tim Johnson
1 Votes

Ring-billed Gull at Lake Dardenelle

Author : David Oakley
1 Votes

This is an old steel wheeled steam tractor I came across in a yard new Sulphur Springs

Author : Tim Garton
4 Votes

Taken from the Jackson Street overpass.

Author : Clayton Taylor
5 Votes

Flicker in flight

Author : GerryToler
1 Votes

A grove of aspen trees near Dallas Divide Colorado captured during a winter storm.

Author : Matthew Parks
13 Votes

Saker Falcon looking right at the camera.

Author : Scott Brown
2 Votes

Sunrise from Mt Magazine Lodge

Author : Ron Housch
2 Votes

Tractor I came across in my travels.

Author : Melissa Jones
1 Votes

I moved to this place from a city with 10 million people. The sight of this beautiful road engulfed with trees was both beautiful and mysterious. This shall remain as a very lasting impression of life in NWA .

Author : Abinav
3 Votes

A single snowflake from the first snowfall of 2017.

Author : Katie Austin
10 Votes

Red-Tailed Hawk taking flight

Author : Jay Stout
1 Votes

Taken last year during trip to the Grand Tetons.

Author : Brenda Shipley
2 Votes

Baby waiting for Santa hiding under the tree

Author : Cynthia Davies
1 Votes

Maple leaf beauty …

Author : Kannan Sundaramurthy
1 Votes


Online Competition Rules
Photographic Society of Northwest Arkansas Members can submit a single photograph per competition. Pictures can be submitted from the 1st through the 15th of each month. Voting on images will take place From the 16th through the end of the month and each member will have the opportunity to vote for three of their favorite photographs in the competition. One photographer will be selected as winner based on the total votes received and juried by the PSNWA Chairman for Photographic Competitions. Two honorable mention photographers will also be selected based on votes. The member with the winning print will receive a $20 gift certificate to Bedford Camera and Video and will be displayed as the cover photo on the PSNWA Facebook page the following month.

A Nonprofit Organization promoting the Art and Science of photography,
throughout Northwest Arkansas.