2017 November Online Competition

November Theme: The Holidays
Submit your favorite holiday themed photograph capturing the fun, spirit, and joy of the holiday season.


A duck swing through a wash of Fall color on Lake Atalanta.

Author : Bob Coleman
1 Votes

Old set of porcelain christmas decorations

Author : Tim Johnson
7 Votes

The Razorback, zoomed in, at the Lights of the Ozarks.

Author : Melissa Jones
8 Votes

Sunny Christmas morning view with the lights on.

Author : Heather Bell
4 Votes

A treat to learn that this would be available to shoot the one night we were visiting Aspen, I jumped at the opportunity.

Author : Patty Mills
2 Votes

Image of one of the Christmas lights after a new snow.

Author : Glen Roberson
4 Votes

Hillsboro Lighthouse at Sunrise

Author : Jay Stout
2 Votes
Online Competition Rules
Photographic Society of Northwest Arkansas Members can submit 1 image for this competition. Pictures can be submitted from the 1st through the 15th of each month. Voting on images will take place From the 16th through the end of the month and each member will have the opportunity to vote for three of their favorite photographs in the competition. One photographer will be selected as winner based on the total votes received and juried by the PSNWA Chairman for Photographic Competitions. Two honorable mention photographers will also be selected based on votes. The winning print will be displayed as the cover photo on the PSNWA Facebook page the following month. Images may be displayed at participating business sponsors around Northwest Arkansas post competition and published online or in print by PSNWA.

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