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Darkroom Fans, dust off your negatives and grab your film camera as the PSNWA Community Darkroom is now open. Constructed during the Winter of 2016-17; its entire build and equipment came through donations.

PSNWA Darkroom members receive 24/7 access to the darkroom with developing equipment as well as an extra large darkroom sink capable of developing prints. Basic chemistry is provided for development and printing. You are responsible for your own film and paper.

PSNWA Extended Darkroom Memberships use a PayPal subscription that automatically charges your PayPal account for the $40 monthly extended membership fee. To begin your Darkroom Membership, complete the below form and then press the Subscription button.

Darkroom Access


  • 24/7 Darkroom Access
  • Darkroom Equipment
  • Large Darkroom Sink
  • Standard Chemistry
  • Members supply paper.

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