B&W Darkroom 101


B&W Darkroom 101

  • Darkroom 101
    July 1, 2017
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Okay Darkroom Fans, dust off your negatives and grab your film camera as the PSNWA Community Darkroom is now open.

Constructed during the Winter of 2016-17; its entire build and equipment came through donations – it needs only you to enjoy service.

Tells us what instruction you would like, what your ambitions are – and we will craft the workshop to your needs.

  • Film development using Kodak’s D-76
  • Paper processing using Kodak’s Dektol
  • Darkroom procedure – including mixing chemicals

You need to supply or borrow a film camera and 35mm or 120 roll film (be sure your film is NOT C-41 development – often disguised as B&W chemically developed film). 8×10 B&W paper will be supplied for this class. You may also bring your own negatives to be processed.

This workshop will be offered with only 5 students maximum. The intent is to give everyone experience and ample time at enlarging and developing. Emphasis on working time, not on classroom instruction, although the basics will be covered in group discussion. The intent is just to have fun and remember what it is like working under amber lights.

So let’s get back in the darkroom!

About your instructor: Susie Bailey is a recent BAFA Photography grad from John Brown University where she studied analogue methods and was also the photolab coordinator. She currently works as a graphic artist at Best Sign Group in Rogers and is an emerging commercial photographer. She has boundless energy and an eagerness to help you enjoy the magic of the darkroom.



207 NE 2nd St., Bentonville, Arkansas, 72712, United States

Parking available behind the building.

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throughout Northwest Arkansas.