Introduction to the Exposure Triangle by Daryl Chappell

Photographic Society Of Northwest Arkansas

Introduction to the Exposure Triangle by Daryl Chappell

  • August 25, 2016
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Introduction to the Exposure Triangle by Daryl Chappell

If you’re tired of shooting in your camera’s basic modes and want to learn how to take more control of your images, then this class is for you.

Introduction to the Exposure Triangle will be the gateway that allows you to go from “taking photos” to “creating images.”

You’ll walk away with not only a basic understanding of exposure theory but the images you create during the class will coincide with what you have learned. This class will deal only with constant/ambient light scenarios.

While this class is a precursor to my in-depth workshop “Exposure Triangle: Taking control of your photography” coming this September, you can still benefit from it even if you do not participate in the workshop.

You’ll need the following:
Your digital camera and a basic understanding of its controls
*Scratch paper
*Thinking Caps

About Daryl Chappell

Daryl Chappell, a native  Northwest Arkansan, has lived here for most of his life.  He and his  high school sweetheart  have been married for almost 20 years and have two daughters together.

Daryl started in photography with an old Pentax K1000 35mm camera inherited from his dad.  He says, “once I figured out which end to look through, I was hooked.”  However, not long after marriage and babies entered the picture,  his passion naturally shifted from photography to raising a family. Luckily, his daughters’ participation in youth soccer gave him the chance to pick up a camera again and he has been shooting ever since.

Daryl’s key to success, aside from crazy amounts of practice and his wife’s tolerance, is his ability to meet and connect with clients on a personal level. His clients are all real people and unique individuals.  He works to create images that truly capture those unique personalities and reflect relationships.  His primary focus is Portraiture and Sports/Action shots.

Daryl’s ultimate goal is to create  lasting relationships with his clients and produce art work cherished for generations. He is currently the in-house corporate photographer for a local transportation company.



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