Post-processing with Photoshop and Camera RAW

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Post-processing with Photoshop and Camera RAW

  • Post-processing
    August 13, 2016
    9:00 am - 2:00 pm

The key to a great photograph is to take a great photograph, but sometimes, a little post-processing is necessary — or just fun. Post-processing could be as simple as correcting white balance or as complicated as applying a variety of filters to create a piece of artwork.

This workshop will teach you how to take your RAW files, correct them and produce the perfect photograph. We’ll start with a quick photo shoot downtown, then return to the studio for some one-on-one lessons with instructor Melissa Jones in converting and post-processing in Camera RAW and Adobe Photoshop. Camera RAW is also available in Lightroom, so Lightroom users will benefit from this class as well. We’ll start with the basics and move into the more creative effects. Those who have been hesitant to shoot in RAW will learn the benefits RAW holds over JPEG and how easy it can be to convert those RAW files into a beautiful photograph.

Participants should bring their cameras and, if possible, their computers with Photoshop or Lightroom loaded (if not, classmates can partner up on computers). A pair of walking shoes wouldn’t hurt, either.

Max class size: 25



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