Right Brain Photography Workshop

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Right Brain Photography Workshop

  • June 25, 2016
    10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Right Brain Photography with Eli Vega

Students will learn two of the three photography paradigms included in my book, plus the most essential piece in any art endeavor: Composition.

I.S.E.E. SOMETHING. From this paradigm/model, students will learn the photographic principles of Intuition, Scanning, Extracting, & Eliminating. Photographers are often frustrated and confused by all the clutter often seen in many scenarios. These simple steps will help clear the clutter in any given scene. Oftentimes, photographers feel overwhelmed when there is so much to take in. For photography purposes, the eyes see too much.

ELI’S 5-PT PHOTO ART MODEL. The five points covered to explain this paradigm are
Intuition, Imagination, Impressionism through photography, Surrealism through photography, and the application of Eastern philosophy to photography. Students will learn the difference between seeing with their eyes and seeing with their imagination; how to add the characteristics of Impressionism and Surrealism to their photography. They will also learn how to apply five key eastern philosophy concepts to their photography along with a focus on Composition and Format.

PREREQUISITES. The learning concepts are about thinking and seeing creatively. Students do need to know the basics of photography—f/stops, shutter speeds, light exposure metering.  No cameras needed

Students will learn to:
1) Use their intuition, even if they don’t think they have it.
2) See with their imagination
3) Scan the big picture
4) Extract from the big picture
5) Eliminate “dead” parts of any scene, and eliminate environmental noise.
6) Use their imagination to see something before they see it
7) Create Impressionism through photography
8) Create Surrealism through photography
9) Apply eastern philosophy to photography

ABOUT ELI VEGA:  “Challenging your imagination” “The best photography is found where technical know-how and creative aesthetics meet.”

I am an award-winning photographer and certified workshop facilitator. Author of the new book, “RIGHT BRAIN PHOTOGRAPHY (Be an artist first)”.

My art was featured in the Telluride,Colorado Visitors Guide,Colorado Outdoors magazine and other publications in Texas, Utah, and New Mexico.

I taught photography courses at FUN-ED, a continuing education firm in North Dallas, for 9 years. His class was selected among the Top 13 most popular in 2001 (out of 900 classes offered)



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