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  • Moon Low Light Cleeo

    2017 Night Sky Photography Class

    Taking shots of the night sky after sunset or during early sunrise can pose a challenge to any photographer but there are techniques that can make a difference. Cleeo Writh provided an overview of tools, creative options, and special considerations involved in shooting with a …

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  • Ed Cooley Speaker 1

    2017 Speaker Ed Cooley

    Award winning photographer Ed Cooley and owner of Ed Cooley gallery in Rogers was the guest speaker at the June PSNWA Meeting. Ed presented recent work from his world travels.

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  • Street Photography Gallery

    2017 Street Photography Gallery

    The PSNWA Gallery is open during Bentonville First Friday with the top images from the PSNWA Street Photography Competition on display.

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  • MAPSym 2017

    2017 Carroll County News Features Mid-America Photography Symposium

    Read what the Carroll County News had to say about the 2017 Mid-America Photography Symposium. The Symposium planned in part by PSNWA featured top photographers from around the nation teaching in Eureka Springs. More details at

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  • Sassafras Springs

    2017 Fashion Group Planning Meeting

    PSNWA members meet for the 2017 Fashion/Glamour group planning meeting and quick photo session at Sassafras Springs Winery.

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  • Dogpatchpsnwa

    2017 Photographing Dogpatch

    PSNWA members photograph Dogpatch, the abandoned amusement park, as part of a two day photo excursion giving members 24 hour access. During the excursion members were able to photograph the building and the stars during multiple planed group outings.

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  • PSNWA Eagle Boat Tour

    2017 PSNWA Eagle Boat Tour

    PSNWA took an Eagle Boat Tour sponsored by Hobbs State Park. The tour took members into the uninhabited shore lines of Hobbs State Park. It was a warm February day with little wind, making it a wonderful winter boating experience. The warm winter has meant …

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  • Bluff Dwellers Cavern

    2017 Bluff Dwellers Cavern

    Chuck Turley photographs a tri-colored bat during an extended PSNWA photography tour of Bluff Dwellers Cavern. The weather outside might not be predictable, but in the cave the temperature stays at 58 degrees regardless of weather on the surface. ┬áDuring the special tour PSNWA members …

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  • 2017 Food Drive

    2016 Annual Food Drive

    For the second year PSNWA members help give back to the community through a food drive to benefit the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank. A very special thank you to all who contributed to this year’s PSNWA food drive. We collected 189 pounds of food! We …

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  • 2017 Holiday Fasion Session

    2016 Holiday Fashion Shoot

    Members gathered at the PSNWA Studio in Bentonville for the annual Holiday Fashion Session sponsored by the Fashion/Glamour Photography Division. This fun evening included models in holiday inspired settings. Visit the division page for more information about future PSNWA Fashion/Glamour Division events.

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